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泰国国立宣素那他皇家大学(Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University)坐落在曼谷大皇宫地区,大学校园充满历史文化底蕴, 这里曾经是大皇宫杜斯特宫殿的一部分, 国王拉玛皇家大院, 它是皇家花园和御花园, 它被命名为:宣素那他 "Sunandha"。

在国王罗摩六世期间, 宣素那他 "Sunandha"是国王皇家行宫。1924年国王和皇后、公主 Suthasineenat就居住在西 Sutha Nopadol宫殿, 这是一个豪华宫殿之一。Suthasineenat 公主提议在这里建设一所最好的学校。

在1937年国王拉玛七世统治期间, 陛下把这里设为 Sunandha 是总理府、内阁成员和议会成员的官邸。经过深思熟虑, 内阁决定改用做教育学术机构, 并在1937年5月17日通过了一项决议, 把 Sunandha 作为一所学校,命名为 "Sunandha 学校" 。多年来, Sunandha 已发展并扩大到涵盖各种教育领域。1937, 学校提供专业和职业教育的学术课程以及非职业教育包括小学和中学两级, 中学择优录取到Petchburee Widhyalonggorn,并逐步设立教师培训学校, Benjamarachalai 学校, Satreewidhya 学校、Satreechotivej 学校。

1938 - Suan Sunandha abolished Grade 12 and divided the curriculum into 3 programs, namely; Primary, Secondary, and Teachers Training.
1939 - Grades 11-12 were abolished, but Grades 5-10 were maintained. A 3-year Baccalaureate program in Teaching Primary Education was offered to qualified individuals completing Grade 10. Admitted students, both private and under scholarship received funding from the Ministry of Education for their boarding.
1940 - The Primary Education program offered Kindergarten and was transferred to La-or-u-tith School in the following year.
1943 - The Quota of scholarship students from the provinces increased. Each province selected two students to turn in the boarding school at Suan Sunandha.
1947 - Scholarship was offered to students from the Bangkok Metropolis and the provinces.
1948 - Primary Students from La-or-u-tith School were transferred to Suan Sunandha.
1952 - Curriculums in: handicrafts, woodwork, printing, electricity, clothing, and the like were offered to those on the Primary Education course.
1953 - A 2-year Baccalaureate program of Primary Education was provided to qualified students who completed a training program in Teaching Primary Education. 
1955 - A 2-year program providing a Certificate of Education replaced the Teaching Primary and Teaching Secondary Education Curriculums
A requirement for admission was a completion of Grade 10 and it was in this year, that the subjects were given credit units.
1957 - The Certificate of Education was expanded to include evening classes because of the increased enrollment in Grade 12. It was the first time Suan Sunandha admitted male students for the Teachers Training program. Dormitory shortage caused some students to find boarding homes outside the campus.
1958 – The Certificate of Higher Education was opened to students who had completed the Certificate of Education. The Ministry of Education raised the status of Suan Sunandha Widhyalai to Suan Sunandha Teachers College and opened three educational levels: Higher Education, Secondary Demonstration School, and Elementary Demonstration School.
1987 - The Teacher Education Council revised all Curricula for Teachers Colleges. At present, Suan Sunandha follows a new curriculum to provide academic Programs in various fields.
1991 - The Teacher Education Council approved the new programs in Business English and Food Science & Technology. Suan Sunandha admitted all qualified individuals into both programs.
1992 - His majesty the King graciously conferred the title “Rajabhat Institute” to the Teachers College.

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